Artefact Replication

Relicarte have wide experience in creating highly accurate replications of Heritage and cultural items.  From 1/1 recreations of a subject in their original substance matter to production runs in varying sizes and materials, we focus on accuracy and quality throughout every stage of the process.

We produce our replicas through the capture of the form and detail of the original piece through laser-scanning. This portable operation allows us to digitize objects from 1cm to 10metres and beyond, without disturbance to the subject or its environment, whether inside or out.

The next stage involves the processing of this data to create the desired outcome. We are able to deliver a range of options to produce the final product, these are guided by our expertise in varying production techniques that insure we deliver the most accurate, enduring and cost-effective solution.

Relicarte employ rapid prototyping techniques to transform the laser-scanning data we acquire from a computer file to a physical model of the desired form and size. We deliver CNC milling ‘in house’ which can drastically reduce production costs and have well established industry links to provide 3D printing and further rapid prototyping outcomes.