Retail product creation

Relicarte offer a cost-effective means for Museums and Galleries to develop high quality products that capture and promote the unique nature of their pieces and collections. We have a proven record in delivering products that produce substantial retail sales and create new revenue streams.

We employ portable laser scanning to capture precisely the finest features of a cultural piece while leaving its surface untouched and its surroundings undisturbed. This data is then used to create a product that replicates,with peerless accuracy, the detail and proportional integrity of the original.

The flexibility of our production method enables us to deliver retail items that are designed to suit the markets and price range your collection wishes to target. This is achieved through the wide choice of materials and product types our process is capable of producing.

Relicarte can undertake the entire production process from the initial digitization to the delivery of the final products to your retail space, whether store based or online, guaranteeing our promised quality through every stage.