Relicarte have been working with museums in creating digital output, for a varied range of outcomes, since 2006. During this time we have witnessed the growing importance of digital content as a public engagement tool alongside its roles in conservation and research. Relicarte have identified the need for a single platform that both stores digital content and provides universal access to every form of digital output without complex specialist software.

Relicarte have created ‘My-museum’ as a complete solution for the production of digital projects from the generation of the digital content to its delivery as a public engagement tool.

‘My-museum’ delivers a fully interactive platform that provides online visitors with immersive access to cultural media, from fully rendered 3 dimensional artefacts to film, text, music and beyond.


‘My-museum’ is further designed as public engagement tool through which users can communicate with the Museum and their fellow visitors, generating a vibrant cultural conversation.

‘My-museum’ is a ready-made product that delivers an internet accessible 3 dimensional environment into which can be placed all forms of digital content. The product is designed to provide museum staff with simple tools to create virtual exhibitions and online collections by arranging digital content, existing or specifically created, in any way desired. Every item can be accompanied by supplementary material and can be linked to further information or media in a variety of flexible ways.

The ‘My Museum’ platform has been designed to allow online visitors to access heritage content by utilizing the familiar form of a traditional museum visit. Visitors navigate between the displayed items and related content, moving around the exhibition selecting objects they can ‘pick-up’ and scrutinize from 360 degrees, while intuitively accessing relevant information and being invited to explore further cultural media.

The form in which their visit takes place and the way in which they encounter the digital content can both be designed by the collections curator, This creates the potential for immersive visitor experiences that take full advantage of the platforms ability to blend and animate the multi-media forms available. The platform is specifically built to allow Museum staff to produce digital projects without the software developer’s involvement.

The ‘My-museum’ online environment is based on a proven, flexible technology platform designed to work across devices and encompass future formats. This technology requires no plug-in or download to view and use. The platform is an industry tested product that allows the museum to brand all aspects of its external appearance and to integrate seamlessly with existing website and digital media architecture. The accompanying maintenance service offers the highest levels of server security available.

Beyond the provision of the online environment ‘My-museum’ Relicarte offer a complete digitization service that produces digital content of the highest quality, delivered directly to the platform in the most accessible formats. Relicarte have proven expertise in the digitization, reconstruction and replication of 3dimensional subjects and are partnered with a number of companies that offer an equal standard of digital content provision from documents to audio-visual material. ‘My-Museum’ provides museums with fully managed, high quality digital content creation and its delivery in a cost and time effective package.

Relicarte are currently inviting interest in ‘My-museum’ as the basis for digital projects across the culture and heritage markets. The product has been developed to allow institutions to take full advantage of existing funding opportunities accessed in the U.K. and Europe. We are available to discuss any potential and developing digital projects at your convenience to produce a costed plan to meet your requirements.