Digital Content

Relicartes experience in today’s heritage sector has made us conscious of the growing demand and potential in the creation of quality digital content as both a way to produce and access a dynamic, educational visitor experience and as a professional research and documentation resource.

We are committed to creating, delivering and sharing digital content through the generation of immersive virtual environments in which high accuracy digital models, linked to expansive text and audio-visual material, can be engaged and interacted with in intuitive, entertaining and innovative ways.

The virtual environments we create can be accessed online or through location based devices and are designed to integrate the digital content produced by ourselves with all forms of media provided by our customers in order to reach the desired audience and outcomes.

The digital content Relicarte create and share is produced from a unique range of technologies as diverse as photogrammetry and CT scanning. This allows Relicarte to produces digital material from subjects that have previously been excluded from inclusion in digital projects.

The flexibility of our approach extends to the way the digital content is accessed and manipulated. We recognize this as an essential component in the success of digital projects and we continually strive to produce original, engaging and meaningful interactions with both the content and the environment in which it is encountered.