Create a single place for all your content.

The My-museum software platform is a limitless, secure vault where heritage organisations can safely store their growing digital output.

The platform is designed to allow registered users to contribute and access every possible type of digital content without specialist software or training. The database and management system are specifically designed to evolve with your collection, and adapt seamlessly to advances in technology.

Create intuitive online exhibitions.

My-museum is designed to provide museum staff with a familiar environment and simple tools to create virtual exhibitions and build online collections by arranging digital content, drawn from its database or specifically created, in an interactive space. Every digital exhibit can be acompanied by any form of supplementary digital material and linked to further information or media in a range of flexible ways.

Create a coherent digital strategy

The platform’s simple functionality and permanent accessibility produces a focal point for the generation of digital content and its consumption within museums, between museums and with the general public. Digital projects are easily launched, publicised and contributed to across a community of users from a range of disciplines and roles.