Engage in your collections online.

My-museum is unique in its ability to represent fully rendered 3d objects and feature them as the centre of an online visitor experience. The platform utilises the proven, familiar and intuitive nature of a traditional museum to engage visitors in immersive interaction with digital heritage content. My-museum is able to display multiple 3d artefacts simultaneously to demonstrate the inter-connectedness and shared meaning.

Engage in the stories you want to tell

Visitors navigate between the digital artefacts, moving around the exhibition and selecting objects that they can ‘pick-up’ and scrutinize from 360 degrees. The investigation of these central exhibits invites the visitor to intuitively access a range of extensive digital content that explores further the story, context and meaning of the artefact. My-museum is a tool for the public to engage profoundly in the history and narrative of cultural items.


Supporting content is laid out in aninterface designed to be intuitively controlled both with a mouse or a touchscreen, revealing itself as users explore artifacts in more detail. This lets users study and learn about objects at their own pace and to a level of depth that grows with  their curiosity.


Engage new generations of museum viewers.

My-museum is designed to promote discussion, participation and contribution across the demographic of its users. For this purpose the platform supports external social media in order to engender a wider cultural conversation centred around My-museum exhibitions.

The platform can link to relevant websites and external internet media players directly from its exhibition space where a wealth of supplementary material can be accessed.