Access all your content, anywhere.

My-museum has been designed to be accessed by anyone, anywhere with an internet connection on any device. All the digital content that is stored and displayed on this platform is made instantly available; no download and no specialist software. This creates genuine public access to a museums digital content in an immersive virtual environment where digital content flows in intuitive, easily understood ways.

Access content from other museums. 

My-museum creates unique  opportunities for the gathering of artefacts from worldwide  collections.

My-museum is capable of hosting ‘dream’ exhibitions where objects of global importance can be viewed and understood together along with a wealth of supportive content of any kind. Digital loans can be made without the expense, logistics and risk associated with the physical movement of heritage items.

Sharing collections allows public access to distant artefacts and provides a major tool in collaborative research and preservation.


Access funding to make it happen.

My-museum has been developed specifically to allow heritage organisations to generate and disseminate digital output within the guidelines of the Heritage Lottery fund and other funding opportunities. The platform provides a complete solution for the creation of coherent, deliverable digital projects that can make full use of current funding cycles and creates a database and public access arena that is designed to last for decades.