Enhance museum visits.

My-Museum is constructed to allow museums to produce exciting, immersive online visitor experiences that heightens the impact of their exhibits. The platforms functionality gives exhibition designers the opportunity to easily fashion every aspect of the 3 dimensional space from the way the multi media content is encountered to the appearance of the surroundings. My-museum further allows the visitor the chance to participate and contribute to their museum experience, creating deeper value to their visit and producing useful feedback to the organisation itself.  


Enhance visitor education.

The visitor experience My-museum delivers can be tailored to suit the profile of the user. This allows the development of programmes that pursue set educational goals structured in an information rich, dynamic environment where gamification and interaction produce fun learning. The platform offers the chance for visitors to interact in real time with staff members who can deliver lectures or make themselves available for online discussion.

My-museum creates the opportunity for distant or immobile students to experience a rewarding museum visit.

Enhance your museum’s brand.

My-museum forms a fully branded, integrated part of the Museums online presence that functions as an ideal tool for the organisations promotional activities. Retail opportunities are created directly from artefacts digitisation and can be effectively advertised on the platform. Museums can also gain exposure through existing social media channels, developing a unique inbound marketing channel where online visits drive on-site visits.