Laser Scanning Services

Relicarte offer portable, close range laser-scanning services on a nationwide basis.
We are able to bring our scanning equipment to any location, inside or out, and non-contact digitize objects with the highest possible accuracy available from a portable laser scanner.

We operate a FARO Qauntum Arm which is The only portable measurement arm with up to .0006in (.016mm) precision. This is delivered across an 8ft radius from one scanning position and can be mounted to existing features or operated from its tripod base.

Attached to this arm,the scanning is executed by a FARO Laser Line Probe V3 producing an accuracy of ±35m (±.0014).
This eye-safe instrument captures immense detail without surface contact and produces high accuracy from challenging surfaces and in all light conditions.

Relicartes scanning services are available from a single days hire up to long term contract engagements with pricing negotiable on these.

An operator is provided as is on-site processing which is delivered in software generated reports to desired parameters.