Documentation and Analysis

Relicarte have developed our services to provide state of the art 3D digitisation as an affordable, practical and effective method for long term documentation and analysis.

We have invested in portable hardware that enables us to digitize tangible cultural items to the highest possible resolution where-ever they may be located. We then prepare and deliver the acquired data-sets to your organisation in the required file format and to the desired level of processing.

Relicarte undertake a range of analytical outcomes using data that we acquire or pre-existing material that is entrusted to us. We utilise a powerful software suite (Geomagics, Polyworks ) to produce prescribed analysis outcomes delivered in precise, software generated reports.

Alongside this we offer a server-based vault for secure storage and instant access to the data we acquire and store on behalf of heritage organisations. This service is designed to allow the data to be worked with when required and to be instantly shared with global partners.