Digital Reconstruction

Relicarte use a blend of software and skillsets that encompasses both the analytical and artistic to deliver informed and realistic 3 dimensional digital reconstructions of cultural items and artefacts.

We digitize damaged or fragmentary artefacts, using sympathetic technology, to form the basis of our recreations. The data that we recover from these items is then analyzed to extract the greatest amount of information possible to shape the reconstructive process.

Roman plate reconstructed from a laser scanned fragment.

Every stage of this process is entirely informed by the expertise and input of the professionals with whom we work, whose direction is followed and incorporated in iterative developments. Source data can be assimilated in any format from hand drawings to period descriptions.



Relicarte can further employ our expertise at physical replication to create real world display and educational models from our digital reconstructions and place digital recreations into immersive digital environments where they can encountered in context, accompanied by supportive material.